Grill menus - Bwydlen y gradell

 ‘Sgubor Teile Restaurant


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Proudly serving quality Welsh Meat

 Our menu is seasonal, with local procurement of ingredients where possible a priority- the menu below is dependent upon the ingredients we use being available when we need them, so may differ from night to night- if there's anything specific you want- please let us know before hand, and we'll do all we can to help.

Bwydlen ‘Sgubor Teile, Haf 2013

‘Sgubor Teile Grill Menu, Summer 2013



Home-made soup of the day                                                                                   £4.75
Gorwydd Caerphilly and spring onion Fritters served with green salad                 £5.00

Creamy Garlic Mushrooms                                                                                      £5.00

Asparagus served with baked Mozzarella wrapped in local ham                           £5.50

Homemade Fish Pate served with seeded toasted bread                                      £5.50

Local Smoked Salmon and Carmarthen Ham salad                                                £5.50




 16oz T-Bone steak                                                                                                 £18.00                   
 8oz Fillet steak                                                                                                      £16.00
 12oz Sirloin steak                                                                                                  £15.00
 12oz Gammon Steak with egg or pineapple                                                         £10:00

(All our steaks are served with onions mushrooms and tomatoes)


Other Main Courses

Lamb Cutlets served with either Redcurrant or orange and mint Sauce                              £15.00

Duck Breast with either Black Mountain and Blackcurrant or Penderyn Orange Sauce      £13.00

Chicken Breast stuffed with a herb and lemon stuffing wrapped in bacon served with
a choice of sauces                                                                                                                £12.00

Lightly smoked Fillet of Salmon served En Papillote                                                            £12.50

Potted Mushrooms- a mixed mushroom bake combined with a rich creamy sauce
topped with puff pastry (V)                                                                                                   £12.00

Seasonally Stuffed Squash (stuffed with couscous and dried fruit) (V)                               £12.00


Redcurrant, Creamy Garlic, Pepper, Blue Cheese, or Mushroom


All meals served with homemade chipped potatoes and seasonal vegetables

Sweets- all sweets are freshly home made, and vary from night to night, all priced at £4.50
Samples as follows-
Brioche Bread and Butter Pudding
Pear and Apple Crumble
Fresh Fruit Salad
Aeron Jersey ice Cream
Cheese and Biscuit Platter £5.00
Liquor Coffees available upon request.